Thanks for checking out our blog - we’re pleased to have you.

We’re going to use this space to document our thoughts, research and findings as we continue to build our technology and company.

Whilst we don’t intend on maintaining a regular schedule, we will endeavour to publish some content at least once a month. The posts won’t be long; we all lead busy, information-filled lives and we want to condense the information we provide into the most interesting, most succinct nuggets as possible.

If you’re just learning about us, we are BOON, a startup working on creating personalised online experiences, whilst focussing on user-privacy. Our technology, Spotlight (, creates a new, engaging shopping experience on e-commerce websites. Shoppers are taken on a journey through a set of image-based questions, designed by our team of psychologists. Our bespoke AI analyses each shopper’s anonymous responses to provide personalised product recommendations as they browse. Amongst the many benefits, BOON Spotlight delivers increased conversions, basket size, engagement and allows us to provide actionable customer insights from millions of datapoints straight back to our clients.

BOON Spotlight is perfect as a smart personal shopping assistant or an upgraded gift-finder.

On this website, we’ll include a few different topics:

  • E-commerce insights
  • Research from our psychologists
  • Developments from our AI team

We hope you like it!