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Christmas Gift Giving

How sending gifts this Christmas could be more important than we think and how online gift finders are making it easier than ever.

Privacy in e-commerce - The psychology

Why online privacy is so important for maintaining a sense of self

How to Bring the Personal Shopping Experience Online

How you can bring the in-store personal shopping experience or personal styling to your online store

Brands Are Going Direct-to-Consumers (D2C)

The retail sector is in the midst of a crisis but what receives less media attention is the impact this has on manufacturers

The Paradox of Choice and E-commerce: Limiting Choices to Increase Conversions

How to increase conversions and shopper satisfaction by reducing the decisions they have to make

Why do couples buy gifts?

A brief look at the possible purposes of gift-giving

Personality Traits and Compulsive Buying

The effects of the Big Five personality traits on compulsive buying behaviour

Privacy in e-commerce - Why it's important

92% of consumers want better control of their data

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BOON's e-commerce integration, Spotlight, creates an engaging, interactive experience and selects personalised product recommendations for online shoppers. It delivers an increase in conversions of up to 85% and an increase in ATV of up to 35%.

Instead of collecting data through tracking over a shopper's multiple sessions, BOON Spotlight's AI analyses each user's responses to a set of image-based questions to understand their desires and personality. This creates a highly engaging experience, with 96% of users completing all the questions once started.

The technology can be used as a smart personal shopping assistant or a super-powered gift-finder.

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